A Toast to Tradition, A Sip to Tomorrow

Indulge in a one-of-a-kind whisky experience that bridges tradition and innovation. Introducing Sekk Sato Shiki Whisky . With a modern approach to distillation, our proprietary and ingenious Sato still, that was developed over decades, unlocks the true heart of Japan in each drop and offers a whisky experience unlike any other. Precision engineering infuses our whisky with velvety smooth finishes and bold flavors. As you savor the unique flavor profiles of our whisky, you'll discover a symphony of flavors that are unlike that of other Japanese whiskies. Our distillation approach and selection of premium ingredients provides a full-bodied experience that extends from head to tail.


Sato Still Mastery
Unmatched Smoothness

Experience unmatched smoothness that our exclusive Sato Still produces

Begin your exploration with the heart of our craft - our revolutionary Sato Still. Its innovative beehive design allows for efficient heat exchange and precise temperature regulation, maximizing the extraction of delicate aromas and flavors from our premium ingredients.


Our Sato Still and accompanying slow vaporization process, unlocks a delightful play of fruit and floral notes that take center stage offering a pleasantly sweet introduction that intrigues the senses.


At its core, our whisky boasts a complex and full-bodied character, meticulously crafted to showcase the unique flavors of locally sourced grains from Japanese farms and highlighting warm notes. Our full-bodied character delivers a rich and fulfilling tasting experience that enthusiasts can appreciate.


Transitioning smoothly to its conclusion, our whisky presents an early tail that ensures a remarkably smooth finish. The seamless blend of flavors provides a satisfying aftertaste, that encourages the next sip.